Theater – “Heracles Raging” by Euripides

DION – Ancient theater

Start time 21:30

Theater “Heracles Raging” by Euripides “What man was born so unhappy?” A punishment for a hero (?), demigod (?) or just a human who went beyond the norm, stepping outside of the human and disrupting structure and predetermined boundaries? Through this parable, with its strong political ramifications, Euripides illuminates the inadequacy and “littleness” of human existence in the face of a higher power – whether it is called the Regime Tyranny, or God – that destroys the human will and vanishes it into non-existence. A fierce criticism of Euripides on the absence of Democracy and the abandonment of the Gods, becomes, in a performance, a cry of despair of man in the face of the realization of his weakness.

Directed by: Dimitris Karantzas


THEATRICAL ENTERPRISES TAGARI & DI.PE.THE. of CRETE Distribution: Pygmalion Dadakaridis – Iraklis, Giorgos Gallos – Amphitryon, Stefania Goulioti – Megara, Iro Bezou – Iris, Anna Kalaitzidou – Lyssa, Aeneias Tsamatis – Wolf, Nikos Milias – Theseas, Fotis Siotas / Dimitris Hatzizisis – Dance | Live Music, Giannis Klinis – GalRombisa – Babis Galiatsatos – Thanasis Raftopoulos – Antonis Antonopoulos

Ticket prices are 25€ for the regular ticket and 20€ for the reduced ticket (student, unemployed, child, disabled, multi-child)


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